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Contract production
Printed Circuit Boards Preparation Designing Arrangement

Contract manufacture is the main activity field of CSC RAO Mars. Our customers can order us either the radio-electronic apparatus manufacture whole cycle or separate stages of it. Within that You solve not only the most part of the problems but also save in every cycle. The benefits of contract manufacture can be reached in the process of PCB manufacture optimization. In this case the PCB customer cooperates with one manufacturing company , who takes the whole cycle of assignment for PCB design, electronic components selection and PCB assembly.Contract manufacturer can take only to accomplish the assignment in one stage , for example to accomplish only the PCb assembly. The PCB production is designed for manufacturing one-layer, double-layer and multi-layer PCB in a close cycle, starting from in- checking of the material and ending up with ouput control of ready made PCB. Our specialists offer You the designing from the principal scheme designing to the customizing of product to assembly and surface-mounting..
    The PCB-s manufactured by the CSC RAO Mars meet great demand among customers. Mounting of PCB with electronic components and without them , PCB manufactured by RAO Mars for the the well-known produces of electronic equipment among which rank: CSC Mshak( Yerevan), Power supply Institute ( Obninsk, Russian Federation), OSC Mikroline ( Nijniy Novgorod), OSC Bikom ( city of Tagarog), OSC Elektroprivod ( Moscow) and others. It 2004 CSC RAO Mars was awarded with with conclusion by the central certifying body Voenelektronsert in accordance with the demands GOST ISO 9001-2001 for PCB product design and manufacture capabilities in the RAO Mars plant. ...>>